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Spindle Services Manufacturing Capability

Spindle Services manufacture spindles and other engineering components to the exacting tolerances and specifications that our customers demand. Our engineers have a diverse range of skills and many years of experience which means that no manufacturing job is too complex for us.

Manufacturing Spindles to Customer Designs

Spindle Services manufacture spindles to precision tolerances and specifications. All our spindle shafts are made from Nitriding Steels ensuring the hardest wearability and component stability. Heat treatment is via Gas Nitride Hardening to achieve 850-900 HV case hardness.

Finish grinding occurs on a range of machines including Heald's, TOS, Jones & Shipman, Churchill's, Parker Majestic, Waldrich Coburg, Snow and Moore Tool Jig Grinders, to extremely high specifications and ensures tolerances of micron accuracy. Whether it is Internal, External, Surface, Jig, Centreless or Slideway grinding you require, Spindle Services have the expertise and the capacity to ensure an accurate, timely and cost effective grinding job.

Spindle housings are manufactured from Cast Iron or high grade steel with local foundries pouring the Grade 17 Cast Iron into sand moulds made from our wooden pattern equipment. Wooden patterns are kept to achieve cost reductions on repeat orders. Spindle housings are bored on precision boring machines using Devlieg horizontal borers and SIP Hydroptic vertical borers, ensuring accurate bore locations and sizes.

Volume production is carried out on state of the art CNC machines to ensure rapid production and that cost savings are maximised. We have access to a range of machine capacities from small to medium sized parts including 5-axis machining capability. Recent projects have utilised this 5-axis machining capability for prototype work.

We have access to several hard chrome plating facilities enabling plating of very small components up to very large components. Our Metal spraying facilities allow application of Ceramic, aluminium, molybdendum, bronze, carbide, stainless steel, white metal, etc.

Within our facilities we can handle just about any job, so why not give us a call?

Find out more about Spindle Services that make us the UK's leading Precision Machine Tool spindle company, offering both the design and manufacture of machine tool spindles and a full refurbishment service, tailored to OEM and VAR clients:

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