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Ballscrew Repair Services

Spindle Services, in partnership with Ballscrew Services, are a "one stop shop" for the manufacturing and machine tool industries' ballscrew requirements. So if you need to repair, replace or upgrade your current ballscrews, as part of our overall machine tool repair and refurbishment services, we offer the following:

Ballscrew Repairs and Servicing

All our ballscrew repairs services are 100% traceable with full digital image recordings and inspection documentation.

If your ballscrew is too badly damaged to be repaired we can generally carry out a temporary repair to get your production up and running immediately, during which time a full design drawing can be made and a replacement ordered and delivered to you at a competitive price we offer a full inspection and failure analysis for ballscrews.

  • Ballscrew Repairs in 24 hours and free quotation for all ballscrew repairs
  • 3 month warranty on all ballscrew repairs
  • Repair ballscrews from Ø6mm up to and including Ø125mm and as long as 7,000 mm
  • Emergency and on-site ballscrew repair and/or ballscrew inspection service
  • Ballscrew replacements in 7 days machined from stock.
  • Ballscrew replacements and upgrades
  • Download our Ballscrew Repairs brochure (PDF)
  • We use a standard price list for normal ballscrew repairs, so there are no hidden charges
  • Ballscrews for OEM applications, machined from stock or "made to print"
  • We have the ability to digitally view inside the ballscrew nut using endoscope technology
  • We have an optical projection facility that can examine the thread forms and dimensions of ballscrews to within 0.001mm accuracy
  • Vertical high speed testing, measurement of running temperatures and polishing of ballscrews up to 1500mm can be carried out on our special test rig.

Read more about the repair and refurbishment service we offer for the following spindle types:

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